Why ! We should have minimum respect?

  • Every person deserve respect from surrounding people. It’s help to building confidence on personality. Once you don’t get it from someone that you care about you will loose something or going to build something new, which supposed to not happening in your future but it’s happened by very successful people in the world. You must decide, which one you deserve to be successful or looser. 

Calcutta Book Fair | Largest in the Globe | 2016

One of the most important festival for all the people around india, as well as book lovers of the globe. Calcutta book fair renamed as “International Kolkata Book Fair“. It has a very good motivational history in the background of the Calcutta book fair.  In 1974, some of young publishers ware chatting in the Indian famous coffee house at college street and was discussing about how to make an interesting platform for book lovers. They got to arrange a  book fair as experiments though most of seniors publishers criticised and demotivated them. The book fair organised with 36 publisher’s 56 stalls, on 5th march 1976 beside ‘victoria memorial hall’. In couple of years this book fair become a routine of visitors  from the field of literature lovers around the world and also increased the visitors gatherings as well as stalls and publishers. Due to lack of large space after the years, it’s required to changed the locations frequently one place to another places. Since 1995 it was started to representing focal theme every year. 

Books Stall in 2016

Most of the visitors like considers the book fair as an inherent part of kolkata. Kolkata book fair inspired to organised so many new bookfair around the country such as siliguri bookfair and ‘world book fair’ at New Delhi etc.

Kolkata Book Fair
Me & Jelich In a Book Stall

As usual It was really memorious for me though I hadn’t huge time to roaming around the book fair last year. I have participated in the book fair after my office directly. Jelich Mahmud and his few friends ware waiting for me in the book fair. Jelich is my ex-student. Currently the ‘kolkata book fair’ organising in the ground of Milon Mela Ground which is exactly opposite of “Kolkata Science City”. If you are coming by the train, you destination is Park Circus Station then bus or auto for 10 minutes maximum. Though there are so many directional bus routes. You never feel so hectic due stong management by the help of Kolkata Police.

Crowded Book Fair

Last few years I was planning to research of the world’s most controversial place Palestine. So I have decided to buy the related books usually. After the long time of roaming around the book stalls. I have found few important books on Palestine, Israel Arab.





Vidyasagar Setu | Hanging Bridge Of Kolkata || Princep Ghat | Memory of Ancient Architecture || Make your evening romantic.


Afternoon @ Vidyasagar Setu

Vidyasagar Setu : Evening time at vidyasagar setu never been old for my thoughtful mood. It has very interesting view on the river Hugli (part of Ganges), which has important role to connect Kolkata and Howrah. End of the afternoon or beginning of the evening you can observe a romantic natural view of the hanging bridge on the hugli river a jewel of kolkata city for anyone.

Evening @vidhyasagar Setu



Princep Ghat

Princep Ghat : One of my best beautiful place in kolkata, which is my weekend destination to spend my peaceful time beside the nature. It has so many remarkable memories in my heart. It’s a historical monument of ancient Calcutta City, which built by the name of Anglo-Indian scholar and antiquary James Prinsep in 1843. This is very frivolous spot of visitors or resident of the city. It has very beautiful architecture and 2 km of river-side park up to babughat. It’s a interesting place for people to spend a beautiful evening having the boating in the river ganges , or walking along the riverside and testing so many fast food with friends or families.  

Sunderbans ! The Kingdom Of Royal Bengal Tiger | | West Bengal | India

Sundarban Mangrove Forest (India & Bangladesh)

It was wonderful adventure in my life. I was planning to explore the dense world’s biggest mangrove forest the habitat of Royal Bengal Tiger, chital deer, dangerous cobra (snake) precarious crocodile etc. The Sundarbans mangrove forest is situated near the Bay of Bengal in front of Indian Ocean. Throughout the forest developed on the depositional deltas of River Ganges. It is the world’s biggest delta is occupying approximately 10000 square kilometers of lands from which 6000 sq. Km in the Bangladesh and 4000 sq. km in India.

As it is declared as UNESCO heritage due to its different kind of mangroves trees and bush along with world famous most beautiful Royal Bengal Tiger.

I was curious to explore the mysterious mangrove forest even its bit dangerous as well as expensive for me to do a plan alone. I was waiting for an opportunity for having big group of companies to minimize the expense cost. Finally I got the opportunity in 2014, one of my mess mate asked me that if I would join with them to visit the Sundarbans. I was speechless for the moment and I catch the offer.




Groups Of My Mess mates @ Jetty Ghat


Sajnekhali Eco-Tourism Park







Tale of Harassment by State Servant |Kolkata |WB | India

Sometimes we are very much disappointed about corrupt, dishonest authorities such as police or investigating agency. Around the world we can observe so many unfortunate incidents around the world by the extremist groups but afterward people are being unwanted harass a lot. We know so many incidents and aftershock activities of FBI, CIA after 9/11 twin tower attack. Those agencies arrested thousands of innocent guys in the name of security and doubt and they have been sent into the prison and tortured for acceptance of extremist activities. There is a good Bollywood movie “New York” based on the negative impact of 9/11 by the American agencies. 

Today I am going to share a heart-breaking true story from my friend, who suffered a big unwanted incident of his life. Maybe he will remember the incident rest of his life. His experience gives us an unfortunate situation or platform to lose our trust on the system of state. It’s make me remember the definition of State by Marxism. In the time of his incident I was connect with him by Facebook and also I was trying to know the exact matter that happened that day night and though he couldn’t described that moment. I tried to make him to be stronger to handle the tough situation and I supported to him with as much possible I could do. It took few days to be confident and overcome his mental situation about the incident. He shared his incident of that day night which I am going to share with all of you as it is in Bengali:-

Date of the Incident 21.07.2017 | Night 

Ja ghotlo amar sathe ami chaina r karo sathe ta ghotuk. Tai cheyechilam legal step nite ei ghotonar birudhhe. Kichu sohridoy manus amay sohojogita korechen samne egiye ese. Aro amar onek subhakankhi bondhura amar pase thekechen. Tader proti ami kritoggo. Kintu bondhuborger sathe alochonar pore ei sindhante uponite holam je “Oi nongra manush gulor sathe nongrami te pere otha kothin. Jodio lorai korte gele sesob vable cholena kintu lorai korar jonno jothesto samay and energy lage. Amar pariparshik paribarik, samajik, rajnoitik, Samprodayik poristhiti bichar kore Ami ektu thomke darai. Ebong bolte chai je ei muhurte ami je kaj ta korar chesta korchi seta holo amar bachha bondhuder (jara Sealdah station e thake) ke tader somostho sohojogita kore jibon gore tolar kaj. Jeta moteo kono sohoj and choto kaj noi. Tai ami jodi etar birudhhe lorte chai tahole amar time and energy jeta ami amar bachhader dichhi seta te taan porbe. Takhan oder jonno time, energy and effort ta amake ei nongra manush gulor jonno dite hobe tai ami amar bachha der kei besi preference dichhi. Kintu, amar mone hoyeche amar sob bondhura ei bepar ta sombondhe obogoto thakuk abong ready thakuk porer bar jhapiye porar jonno. Toiri thakuk koushal toiri rakhte. Jene rakhuk nijer basic rights gulo. Tai aj ei post ti share korchi ami sobar sathe. Vabun- ei eki ghotona aj Kolkatay notun asa kono students or amader kono vai/bon er sathe ghotle tader obostha ta thik kemon hoto, tader barir loker obostha ta ki rakam hoto. Seki porer din i tar pattari gutiye nijer gram/sohore fire jeto na? Tar puro carrer ta nosto hoye jeto na? Desh ekti manush ke pongu kore dito na? Amra boli “Kolkata– the city of joy”. Amra koto valobasi amader Kolkata ke. R aj jara Kolkatar servent jara amader servent, jader amra rekhechi amader nirapotta dite tara osohohay guloke poisar love public place e opoman korbe? Gali galaj korbe? Thanay niye jabe? Poisa aday korbe voy dekhiye? Ek kthay ‘ja khusi tai korbe’ power diye rekhechi bole? Niche amar sathe ghota ghotona ta likhlam: (21se July, bikhhato Sohid Dibos e khudro ek sadharan manush er durgotir ghotona). “21 se july, 2017 amar organisation er report writing er kaj ses korte ektu rat hoye gechilo. Sealdah theke 9:45 er Bongaon local dhore ami Dumdum station e nemechi. Train ti ektu late chilo. Rat 10:15 nagad ami dumdum station e nemechilam. Neme ami sinthi more e amar dadar flat e jabo auto dhore. Cha khawa ses korechi sob e. Dada phone kore khoj nichhe ami kotodur, totokhon ektu hete oi futchka stall gulor dike giye dariyechi metro station er baire. Hotath ek police ese jigges korlo ami ki korchi, ami ki kori ebong kothay jabo. Ami sob i bollam. Amake icard dekhate bollo NGO r, r jigges korlo bag e ki ache. Ami bollam icard ta ei muhurte amar sathe nei, bag e laptop ache, kichu boi khata and jama kapor ache apni check korte paren. Takhan amake bollo chol okhane officer ache ktha bolbi. Ami bollam kintu sir ki karon? Ami to auto dhorbo dadar bari jabo jethu khub osustho amar. Tobuo ami gelam sathe sathe. Amake sohoj vabe proshno na kore oi officer dhomok diye bollen kothay ki koris bol. Ami bollam r sathe ektu rag and panic ese gechilo. Ami bollam ami NGO te kaj kori, dadar bari jachhi auto dhorbo. Amar t-shirt er samne dhore ek police (amader servent). Ami ektu chitkar korei boli. Takhan bole bol thik kore. Ase paser lok joma hote thake. Ekjon amar ochena se amake harass korche dekhe photo tulte jay. Amake bole chol garite oth ja ktha hobe sinthi thanay giye hobe. Ami chitkar korte thaki– “sir onek rat hoyeche, ami bari jabo, amar bag check korun, amake proshno korun”. Kono ktha sonena. Jakhan first amay jiggasabad korte thake takhan dadar phone ta kateni. Pore ami kete di dada ohetuk tension korbe vebe. Pore abar dada call back kore takhan ami boli ja ja ghotlo amar sathe. Dada bole ami aschi thanay. Itimodhhe ami ki korbo vebe na peye FB te post kori. Aro 10 minutes por aro dui tin jon ke dhore ene gari jay soja sinthi thanay. Sathe sathe dada o dadar bondhu ra pouchay. Sei samay ami r kono phone receive korte parini ba FB post er reply dite parini. Thanay amake documents dekhate bola hoi. Amar kache sei sin kono documents chilo na. Din ti emnitei onek vir e thasa chilo tai important documents ami kichu carry korini. Amar train er monthly r driving licence er xerox copy chilo amar sathe. Driving licence er xerox ta dekhe bole eta to fake. Ami boli sir original tao ache amar kache ami kal ene dekhate pari r apnio number ta melate paren. Kono ktha to bolar sujog i dichhilo na borong osharbbo galigalaj. Dada ke dake vitore. R amake o kache dake. Tar por sur norom kore na na ktha bole. IPC r dhara tule bole je police je kauke suspect korte pare. Aj onek ghotona ghoteche sara Kolkatay and dumdum station o onek phone churi hoyeche. Tarpor amake bole ami naki police ke cooperate korini. Fake icard dekhiyechi. Pore obosso sur norom kore r amake signature koriye chere dei. Baire ese dadar theke jante pari amake chere dewar jonno dadar theke 1000 taka niyeche and dada oto rate r ota niye kono somossa korte chai ni. Pore ami bari firi raat 12 tay.” Onek dhonnobad jara amar pase thekeche. Sobar naam ekhane ami mention korchi na kintu tara amar hridoy e ache. Koyek joner naam na bollei noi jara bises vabe amar pase thekeche/n”   

by Wasim Akram | 23.07.2017

Similarly if I look at my great nation India, There are few thousands of young Muslims guys inside the jail without valid legal justice. You can find so many guys have been arrested and sent into the jail more than 10-20 years because of doubts of link with anti-social activities. Agencies or police are doing partialities to prepare report on some incidents. They are being fake encounter without justice and unfortunately political parties are misusing or misguiding the judgment systems shamefully. As a citizen of a secular democratic country you cannot defend or criticise all the human right violation. My great nation being narrow with Hindutva nationalism, even it’s not suitable with India’s diverse tradition. We are facing the tragedy as Jews people faced by the Nazi Germany’s Hitler.

We are sufferer and conscious citizen of India being scarce and connected each other day by day and counting our turn to have the invitation of final destruction of our dreams and life.